Zulu & Zephyr began its journey in the Summer of 2012. Founders Candice and Karla Rose set out to revive and relive their mother’s Australian fashion era in the 1970’s. The design brief was to evoke nostalgia with vintage prints and a focus on texture. As the success of the brand has grown, so too has the social responsibility which has led to the shift of our internal processes and priorities for the better.

In 2021 Zulu & Zephyr is committed to being the best brand it can be for our team, our extended workers, associated suppliers and our customers.

It is our utmost goal to achieve prosperity for all those associated with Zulu & Zephyr.  We commit to providing our wider team with opportunities to succeed and have a positive impact. Our collective priority is harmony for the human race and to contribute to the protection of our planet through lower impact clothing production.

Approaching ten years as one of Australia’s most loved lifestyle brands, Zulu & Zephyr is focused on moving forward with sustainability at the helm. While we recognise that we are not perfect, we are committed to navigate the complexities of a multifaceted industry with a considered and conscious approach. Celebrating our achievements to date while highlighting the areas of improvement so we can make the most impact, for the health of the people and planet that we cherish. 

Join us as we make an impact and help you make one too, for a more sustainable future.