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'When we launched the business 12 years ago, there were almost no independent swim brands – it was our commitment to swim and resort wear that flipped this personal, unique and important category on its head to make way for Zulu & Zephyr. When our community became familiar with our fabric, our fits, our prints – they understood the brand was somewhat storytelling of a vintage era.

Zulu & Zephyr has since modernised its design and its approach to fashion – sustainability and durability is at the forefront of our mind and bringing new moments into play for Australian Fashion. As a brand we are balanced, yet spontaneous. Strong yet relaxed. Dynamic but signature. This play on duality links back to our brand name. Zulu, meaning leader and strong – yet Zephyr, relaxed and floating.

In 2024, it is our sustainability goal that every garment holds at least one environmental credential in order to be regenerative to our environment.  We also aim to launch our take-back program and become apart of the circular economy.  In 2024, we also hope to obtain our Carbon Neutral certification'. 


We want to recognise the traditional culture, people, language and history where “Zulu” is derived from. Our team, partners and community acknowledge the culture and history of the Bantu and Zulu Nguni ethnic group of South Africa. We also pay respect and acknowledgment to Zulu kaMalandela, son of Malandela, was the founder and chief of the Zulu clan which came from the Nguni people. Although our brand has no direct relationship or derivation to the members of this community, the Zulu & Zephyr team moving forward will now ensure that we have an action plan in place to responsibly and effectively acknowledge and support the Bantu and Zulu Nguni ethnic group of South Africa. We are on a journey to educate both ourselves and our community on how we can actively implement this acknowledgement moving forward.