The Signatures Story
How did the ZZ team come up with the idea for Signatures and what was the main inspiration?
The idea of Signatures was to utilise designs that we had worked so hard on perfecting, that had featured in several collections that we felt didn’t have an expiration date. From there, the Signatures collection was born and we were able to select our favourite designs that were cult memories, that our customer loved, that could be on offer season after season.
In 2020, the entire Signature and Mini collection went through an eco-conscious rebrand – can you tell us more about this giant shift for the collection?
A huge shift took place in our business in 2019 where we stood back and really looked at the advantage position we were in and decided that it was time to make a conscious effort to shift the impact our product was having on the environment. Naturally Signatures was a huge part of this shift, changing from a virgin material to a recycled material (Econyl) was one of the biggest impacts on the footprint we were leaving.
 Purpose behind the Signature collection
The purpose of the collection was to create a product that was tried and tested/fit-perfected and offer it season after season. I still have Signature pieces from 8 years ago, still in great condition and the idea that you can either update or add to your own Signature collection each Summer and know that it will fit great and still hold up is something unique.

How do you and the design team decide on colours each year?
It's a fine line between personal taste, what’s up & coming and trending for the Summer and also what we all know our Zulu & Zephyr girl wears day in day out. We often reference an earthy colour and pair it back with something bright for seasonal freshness.
Most memorable campaign shoot
Every Signature campaign has a place in my memory…the places, the wholesome girls, the photographers…they all paint a picture of a long hot summer.
 As an active Mum, what are your go-to styles for wearing all summer long?
I live in my Boy Short and Crop Bralette Top. I also love to wear the Simple One Piece back with my Boy Short.
Three words that describe Signatures
Classic Comfortable Perfected.

What’s next for Signatures?
We’re working on new colour ways and adding a few new shapes to the repertoire. I also like the idea of expanding our Signature shapes into unique capsules that will be available one time only.

1. Karla wears the Signature Bra Cup Top and Curve Brief in Black, both Size 12.
2. Karla wears the Simple One Piece in Coconut, Size 12. 

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