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Rest / Air

Like many fabrics, linen garments need minimal washing. Simply air in filtered sunlight or hang in the bathroom while taking a hot shower, using the steam to remove odour or dust.

Occasionally wash

On the occasional machine wash, ensure garment is on low spin at 30°C. High temperatures can weaken the fibres and affect dyes. When hand washing, rinse with lukewarm water. Hang linen pieces to air dry. Tumble drying can shrink or damage the fibres. 


Hang your linen on velvet clothing hangers. This keeps linen un-creased and in shape. Soft velvet hangers avoids pulls on linen garments. 


Make a conscious effort to spot clean stains immediately. The linen fibres naturally soak and dry quickly. Spot cleaning can reduce the severity of stains. Stay clear of bleach or harsh chemicals on linen, this can affect the dye and damage the fabric. Spot dab with warm water and gentle eco detergents.

A lightweight, breathable and textured fabrication, Linen softens with each wear. It will last a lifetime if you take the time to care for it.