Ulrich Knoblauch SUMMER 17/18

Your work identifies deeply with the human form and shape – what appeals to you about this subject?

If I have to over simplify, it’s the beauty of how a body moves and changes in light. It fascinates me. Of course the collaborative side of working with a person inevitably brings it’s own magic, especially when it’s a person who understands what collaboration really means.

The concept behind Zulu & Zephyr Ethereal Summer campaign is based very much on this subject – what were some of the ideas and themes you worked on to achieve this on the shoot?

I think the location was a huge influence... just the architecture and lines ...almost an extension of the fluidity of the clothes. It all came together pretty quickly once I saw the house.

We love your curation of images and photographs via your @ulrichknoblauch_ feed – where do you source your material? And how important is it to you to stay connected to other peoples work?

Ah, everywhere. A lot of it on Instagram itself, Tumblr (Currently really enjoying the curation on and then just books, books, books. I’m a real fan of photography across all genres, so staying connected to other people’s work kind of just happens for me, it feeds me on a daily basis. So, massively important.

Film or digital capture – and why?

I’m all for film...the depth, the tone, the tangibility - it will forever be romantic. My favorite part of shooting film is that break you have from from shooting till getting it back - the excitement of opening a big envelope of contact sheets not knowing what exactly what to expect.

Preparing for a campaign shoot for a client can be very high pressure – how do you prepare?

I avoid taking on jobs that I don’t ‘feel’, so it helps me to remain enthusiastic when I do find myself in tricky situations. Enthusiasm is infectious and generally relaxes the toughest of clients. That and being knowledgeable about the brand you’re about to shoot for goes a long way. On the technical side, I have an incredibly strong team and a very loud boombox.

What are the main ingredients to a successful shoot for you?

Great casting is without a doubt the most important part. That includes booking a model with a good amount of personality.

What was your favourite part of shooting the Zulu & Zephyr Summer campaign?

Your art direction was fantastic, Sonja (our model) is a real collaborator and of course being allowed the time to shoot it on film. It really was one of my favorite shoots of the year.

Three must do things whilst in Capetown, South Africa?

- visit babylonstoren (’t leave without doing it!
- drive Chapmans Peak, Cape Town’s version of the Big Sur
- hike Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge, ride the cable car back down

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