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Monday (and every other day) 7:00am: I awake to my two children — Mini, 3 and Ruko, 1. They are my alarm clock and nothing starts the day sharper than the sound of small kids! After a kiss, cuddle and roll around, I’ll make a coffee and lay in bed a little longer checking emails and flagging anything urgent. Our morning ritual is followed by breakfast at the table as a family, more coffee, a communal shower and then out the door to start the day.

Tuesday 8:30am: I squeeze in a Byron Bay lighthouse walk to get the blood flowing. I take this quiet, uninterrupted time to think both analytically and creatively about Zulu & Zephyr and will admit that this is where most of the best idea’s have sparked!

Wednesday 10:00am: I drop by ZZHQ to check in with the team and offload anything that has come to mind on my walk. My main two point of contacts, Mel — GM, will give me a quick breakdown of anything crucial happening & Seraina — Head of Design will flash any new samples before my eyes, and address any production queries for the week. I’ll dot between other members of the ZZ family to check in or just have a chat with about life in general — after all, it's about balance.

Thursday 12:00pm: Around midday most days, I am back on email. I take this time to process and action my daily tasks to ensure that I am responding to my team in a timely manner. This is followed by a quick dip before my next meeting.

Thursday 2:00pm: I am back home and meeting with Seraina — Head of Design. We meet often to discuss new ideas and bounce that magical creative energy around — which eventually becomes a ZZ collection after many months of fine tuning. We meet at my home to take a break from the office and mix up the process.

Friday 4:00pm: Last email check for the week. I make sure my daily/weekly tasks have all been addressed and I can sleep easy knowing that my team are well supported.

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