Meet Nat Cottee
Renowned for capturing the remarkable work of Australia's prominent designers, Nat Cottee, Photographer and Creative Director, has garnered attention for her incredible shots. As she sets out on a fresh journey, we engaged in a conversation with her, delving into the origins of her inspiration and seeking insights into her latest enterprise, Art Haus.

How did you come up with Art Haus Collections?

The idea for Art Haus Collections was born out of a lifelong passion for finding unique and beautiful things in unexpected places. My childhood was filled with countless hours spent exploring antique stores, op shops and markets with my mum, fostering a fascination which eventually transformed into an obsession, leading to the creation of Art Haus Collections. My vision was to create a brand where every piece has its own narrative, evoking the feeling of stumbling upon something truly special and one-of-a-kind.


Tell us about your background leading up to launching Art Haus Collections.

My journey to launching Art Haus Collections draws from over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating as a Creative Director and Photographer with many renowned Australian fashion and lifestyle brands. This combined with my studies of Fine Arts at University of NSW’s COFA further honed my artistic sensibilities, while my roles as a Designer and Art Director within creative agencies equipped me with the skill set to bring my vision to life. This led me to create a brand that not only offers totally unique pieces but also resonates with a conscious approach to sustainability.




Has there been a favourite piece or find that is going to be available for people to shop? Tell us the story behind it.

Yes absolutely! I’m obsessed with the incredible "Mies Van Ring," a mid-century geometric 18ct emerald and diamond ring sourced from the United States. I named it after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German-American architect and furniture designer whose work resonated deeply with the design essence of the ring. The "Mies Van Ring" is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a tribute to the fusion of artistic vision and architectural elegance. Its geometric intricacies and the interplay between the emerald and diamond elements reflect the principles that Mies van der Rohe so infused into his creations. This ring not only symbolizes the connection between art and design but also represents the essence of Art Haus Collections – a harmonious blend of creativity and opulence. I'm so excited to offer this exceptional piece to those who share an appreciation for wearable art that carries a story as captivating as its design.




Where can we follow your journey further & discover your first collection?

You can check out our website, and if you’re into social media, you can find us on instagram @arthauscollections. That’s where you can get a sneak peek of any behind the scenes, learn about the stories behind the pieces, and get a vibe of what Art Haus Collections is all about.