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The new Zulu & Zephyr collection, BEACH is inspired by warm days with plans to escape to blue waters and sugar white sands, how do your portray this muse in your photos for the new campaign?
Natural and inviting, there is nothing more magnetic than lush beauty of a female surrounded by our natural wonders.
Your BEACH campaign images truly evoke our memories of a vacation in a modern, laid back way. In order to create beautiful images what are the steps to making an image come alive?
To evoke such a mood you need all the elements to align and a model who is feeling that mood, there is nothing worse than some model that isn't appreciating the moment.
You have created some amazing campaigns for ZZ in the past, what was your favourite to work on and why?
They have all been special from the beach, sand and jungle. I have found the brand, team and models we worked with fun and open to trying new things especially when shooting the motion films.
Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, you are a highly sought after creative director focusing on film, fashion, and cultural photography. How do you feel living in the surf spot of Hawaii reflects on your creative processes?
What's important is to procrastinate and what a better place to do just that, Hawaii with its endless summer which means I get to stay creative on my passion projects, breathe, then dive in and take on bigger projects without getting burnt out. I can stay 100% positive in my work and that's important to stay creative.
What are three key thing in your bag on a day on set?
1. Charged batteries
2. My film camera
3. My video camera
The BEACH campaign is carefully curated for a women that's comfortable and the woman who is in control, what women come to mind when you think of this?
My wife, she loves your swim, she feels very comfortable at the beach here in Hawaii in ZZ and she controls me so that fits perfectly (haha).
Your film images capture an essence of emotion, never without a palm tree in the background, why do you choose to shoot on film?
I guess I just feel to call yourself an artist analog needs to be practiced, the results using film speak for itself, much better look and feel than digital every time.
How does your Australian upbringing play out on your work and your role as a Father?
Being a small town kid forces you to want to see and experience the world, take risks, be adventurous and social with everyone you meet along the way, apply this into your work and you can never fail at what every you do, respect the craft and enjoy the ride.
East Coast born and bred; how you find you tie your Australian background in with your day to day life in Hawaii?
Honestly by spreading the love and increasing the peace, going out of my way to open up conversation, helping people, sharing and creating stories with locals.
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