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Island hopping the Mediterranean Sea - Zulu & Zephyr's Spring 2021 collection Jet Set is a European recollection. Meet Léa Meylan - star of the campaign shot with Purienne, assistant to Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris and sometimes model. 

What are your essentials on a shoot day? 

I usually keep it simple, I try to be as comfortable as possible. I bring a little bag with some water, lipstick, a face moisturiser and I'm a bit obsessed with my hair so I always have hair oil. 

You are working in the industry both in front of the camera and behind the scenes - which do you prefer? 

As I first entered the industry behind the scenes I feel like being a stylist fits me the most. Nevertheless I always feel comfortable in front of a camera because my Dad and my sister are photographers and I am often their model. In the end I can't decide which one I'd prefer but I still think one can't really go without the other so I really enjoy working in both. 

Siesta Knit Top and Short, coming October. 

Where did you grow up? Tell us a little bit about where you live and why you live there. 

I grew up in Paris in the same apartment for twenty years with my family. I also stayed a few months in New York, London and Madrid but I always felt attached to Paris. In fact I love Paris' way of life especially because the city is not too big so you can walk everywhere and the culture is never far away. I'm now living on my own in the 6th district which I find perfect to live in because it's in the middle of the city.  

Léa wears the Finca Onepiece, coming October. 

Where did you meet Purienne and what was it like to work together? 

I met Purienne through a friend of mine who invited us to have a drink. A week after we went on a shoot together for Vogue Paris. I had a very good time with him as he is friendly and lively. After that we did the shoot for Zulu & Zephyr and I really appreciated being in front of his camera, shooting with him is so fun because he likes capturing natural behaviours. 

Léa wears the Catalan Bra Cup Bikini.

You photographed with your boyfriend for this project - how was that?

I was a bit scared as it was the first time shooting with him. But it actually ended up being very cool, I felt more comfortable to pose with him than with someone else as we needed to act like a couple. 

Playa Tri Bikini, coming September. 

Lastly, what is in your Summer beach bag? 

In my Summer beach bag I always have my vintage wayfarers, hair oil, a pareo and my little Kodak. 


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