Stella, what does a normal day look like for you in LA?
My days are generally hectic and honestly seem like a blur once they get started. I do make it a point to start my morning slow and end the day slow so overall I maintain a good balance. Mornings I get up around an hour earlier than the rest of the house so I can slowly get ready, which could be anything from meditating, journalising, reading an article, or just taking my time getting dressed and going through an extensive beauty routine. Once my son is up my husband and I tag team getting him ready and out the house - plus we squeeze in walking our dogs at this time. Once the house is quiet, I catch up on all my calls for the day which I prefer to take early in the morning when everyone's energy is most fresh and alert. After that I clear out my inbox, and once i'm done I head to the office. A day in the office as is generally very unpredictable. A lot of internal team meetings, rushing to meet deadlines, moodboarding, designing new calendars - these are the types of tasks that keep me busy. After the office I head home and unwind with my family for dinner - after dinner I indulge in a nice bath and beauty ritual, and then head to bed.
Favourite holiday destination and must have holiday suitcase essentials?
Anywhere tropical with sun and a beach. My essentials are sunscreen, some highlighter, lip balm, and a few carefully selected wardrobe pieces you can mix and match - that's all I need.
We love your open approach to being a conscious shopper. What are your tips for only buying the essentials?
Start with listing out the pieces you feel are a must have in your wardrobe. If you could only have 5 pieces you keep forever, which pieces would they be? From there anything else you bring in can be seasonal staples. Don't be scared to curate everything slowly over time and pay the most attention to fit and quality. After you get the hang of this it will always be the same rhythm whenever refreshing your wardrobe.
Stella wears the Contour Bra Cup Bikini.
What does self care look like for you?
Self care is indulging in a beauty routine, having quiet moments to meditate as often as possible. Self care is sunbathing or taking a warm bath.