GIRLS WE LOVE | Sarah Shabacon
Sarah, what does a normal day look like for you?

I’m up with the sun and my sons. I’m lucky enough to hear “it’s morning time !!” At the crack of dawn most days and as much as I’d love to sleep in I know I’m able to do as much as I do because we rise early. My husbands gone before the sun rises so it’s just the boys and I every morning. We make a smoothie (current fave is frozen mango, peaces, spinach, almond milk and vanilla vegan protein power, I swear it tastes like white chocolate!) I take them out with me to collect vintage for the shop and then we usually do Art or they put on a play for me.

After that it’s my time to work and they watch a film while, like a maniac , I try to accomplish as much as I possibly can. They like to help me put labels on packages and draw pictures for customers on the outside of their boxes. I used to cringe at this but came to the conclusion that if anything, Art brightens everyones day. We stay up quite late to wait for daddy to get home - they hang while I work some more and tidy the house because I cannot go to sleep with chaos around me - I like to wake to a fresh start and this definitely helps!

Sarah wears the Willow Pant and Willow Jumper by Zulu & Zephyr.

As both an active customer and creative business person, you support lots of Australian brands - what is it about Aussies that you are vibing and why?
Zulu & Zephyr was actually the first Aussie label I fell in love with! It’s from there that I discovered so many other great brands that of course happened to be Australia based as well. Something in the water out there… But actually - I think the beautiful climate you’re blessed to live in has an impact on your designs, colour palettes and prints you use and I’m personally very drawn to that as someone who chases the sun. Another reason may be that nearly 100% of the brands I do support are owned and operated by WOMEN. I’m so grateful to for the support I receive for Bohème and I want to spend my hard earned money supporting other women doing the same thing.
Mother, business woman and cover girl (Mother Muse April Issue 2018) Whats the key to keep on moving and and remaining innovative? And whats is your next project?
Ahhh, that was a fun and incredibly chaotic photoshoot haha!
Travel is what keeps me inspired and determined when it comes to work - Its our reason to come closer as a family and switch off which in turn allows me more time to take in everything around me on a much deeper level. Yes the sea is blue, but when you’re truly there, in the moment, there are so many other shades to it.
It’s these shades that make me want to create, to curate.
Our next project is ‘Suns of the Surf’. It’s a family business my husband and I are launching in Spring/Summer 2019. Our products will be ethically made here in Vancouver and unisex. The prints are inspired by early 70’s California and the surf.

Favourite holiday destination and must have holiday suitcase essentials?
Cuba! My husband and I travelled there on our first holiday together and we’ve been going back ever since with Isaac and Ziggy.
Holiday essentials…
ZZ Signature Collection Suits
St. Agni Slides
Moroccan Basket
Rose Water Mist
Courtney and the Babes Vanilla Lip Balm
Wide Brim Sun Hat
Sunday Supply Co Umbrella (not suitcase friendly but I check it and just say its a playpen (shhh)

We love your open and honest approach to parenting. Why have you decided to keep it real?

Parenthood is hard enough! It’s beautiful, wild and ever-changing ; I think so many parents get wrapped up in trying to reach an unattainable standard of perfection that doesn’t even exist! As badass as Insta is, it takes this feeling of “not enough” to a whole other level. I’ve got stretch marks, a messy house sometimes and my husband who I’m madly in love with, drives me nuts! It’s important to share the highs and lows because theres more to being human than your successes. Someone somewhere will be grateful that you shared the real you.

Boheme Goods - talk us through this concept. As a woman working mostly solo, how do you stay relevant, interested and inspired?

Bohème Goods is a visual representation of my mind but in the form a shop. I wanted to share my love of vintage and the importance of reducing our environmental footprint but I didn’t want to curate collections that weren’t my own style. It does make it harder to part with pieces but I believe its been beneficial in attracting a customer base that I just adore. I’ve made friends with some beautiful women from around the globe because from the get go I’ve not been anyone but myself and in turn the women who have been drawn to that, are very likeminded. Likeminded in the sense that they not only want to look beautiful in what they’re wearing, but to feel beautiful about the positive impact their purchase has on the Earth and the message about responsible consumption they may unknowingly be sharing with others. I’m back to working solo after a stint with an assistant fell through. I feel more determined than ever before after having had a taste of help surprisingly. I’ve been running my own businesses since I was 21, shortly after my eldest son was born - and I’ve adapted to the craziness of it all. Ive learned to manage my time a million times better than when I first started out and always make time to keep in touch with the people I care about. Our life is what it is because I own my little home based shop. I wouldn’t trade our successes, or our struggles for anything so I stay interested and inspired without even trying really - it’s just part of the motion that life is and allows us to continue moving forward.

Sarah wears the Moss Maxi Dress

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