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Stylist as an occupation - what a dream? Name some of the highlights and lowlights to the job.
Highlights are definitely the destination shoots and the travelling opportunities I've been able to land. A lot of pinch me moments working with dream teams. The lowlights are the physical side of the job, lifting, loading and hiking with your hands full with so much equipment - It's not all glamorous.
Are you styling full time - if not, what are your other jobs?
I am styling full time now, I also have my social platform where I produce content creation for brands which is a really nice balance... I am lucky to have so much creative freedom which was always a dream for me.

Favourite labels to work with/for?
Orseund Iris, Ellery, Georgia Alice is a fave.
Can't beat my fave Aussie label though... ZZ always deliver on neutrals with the perfect amount of earthy prints and textures that are subtle without being too loud.. Totally me.
Describe to us the process of your day to day work.
It's always different.. I check emails first. I'm either jumping on a plane, prepping for a shoot, running around town attending showroom appointments, sourcing, op shop hunting is always fun, a lot of pick ups & returns.. Other days I'm shooting in a studio or somewhere scenic and beautiful.
What makes Foxy Zingaro stand out?
I've always been really authentic and specific with my style although I'm always trying new directions and testing boundaries.. I'm still evolving so I guess my style comes with me too. I work with a lot of beautiful women too so that could be the reason I stand out?

What is Foxy Zingaro - an alter ego? How is she different to Molly King?
Ok I always get asked this... I guess you could call Foxy my alter ego. A lot of my content is quite posed and structured which blends in with my style.. In real life, I'm a little more care free and go with the flow kind of nature so we are different in ways for sure. Zingaro though is a crafty gypsy and I am quite a free spirit at heart so that is where we connect.

Where in your travels, have you seen: best dressed women, men and youth?
Paris for sure. The women are just so effortless and well put together. A classic coat over a nice pair of vintage jeans, cinched in with a waist belt and leopard print mules. The bare makeup and sleek low bun is lovely... So chic. Men, I'd say NY or Melbourne. Youth, a mix of LA and Australia..
One person you would like to style - and why?
Rihanna... She is queen and would be open to anything I think.

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