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Okay so first things first, when and why did you decide to start MARLOE MARLOE?

Marloe Marloe (originally Marloe Morgan Ceramics) was born out of a deep desire to create and experiment really. It was 2014 and I was working a day job that was not fulfilling me creatively so I took to ceramics. It was love at first touch and I have not looked back. Almost 5 years on and I am still learning so much every day.

Lili wears the Lush Jumper Khaki.

You're such a creative woman - what and who are you inspired by?

Oh, so many different things! I am a very visual and tactile person so I really love texture, contract and movement. I find inspiration in the normal places like travel, solitude, architecture and history. It really depends on the project I am working on. If I am working on a custom project, I normally take a starting point from the client and build out. I love to mood board and collect images as I am moving through my day. If something catches my eye I will save and catalogue for reference at a later date. This process helps to keep me stay inspired and also means I have a lot of ideas building in the background, they make take months or years to evolve into something. Once a direction feels right, I move from dreaming into making.

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Tell us about your studio & workshop space - what is your style and what are your every day work essentials?

These days I like to start my day feeling fresh and chic even if I am going to end up covered in clay and glaze. So I head out the door in a relaxed but put together outfit that makes me feel confident and beautiful, with a little business thrown in. I start my day with emails and planning so it helps if I am feeling the part. I head into the production studio around 8 or 9am and get stuck into admin while I am fresh and firing. From there I will slip into my studio clothes and continue on with the projects I am working on.

The studio space is quite large and open which is lovely. The casting bay, glazing table and firing area take up most of the floor space. I am lucky enough to have 145 square meters to play with so everything is really spread out and flows well.

My daily essentials would have to be my laptop, don't leave home without it. My Moleskine notepad, I am a list person and need to put pen to paper. My glass keep cup full of coffee or matcha (although trying to cut back on coffee), and of course my black Sharpei Lully, she comes to work with me every day.

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Can you reveal any upcoming plans or projects for the brand?

We have just shot our next vase campaign at Rae's at Wategoes which was incredibly fun. So we will be releasing that new offering in June. We also have a wider collection of special pieces for the home launching later in the year - which I am so excited for! We have a coffee pour over and beautiful water carafe and gorgeous pasts bowls, all of the pieces I continually lust for. We have also developed amazing glaze finishes for this collection which I am so passionate about. I am hoping to have this ready for release in September or November.

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And to finish - you have partnered with some amazing restaurants like Paper Daisy at Halcyon House & Hellenika at The Calile. What are your top 3 favourite restaurants?