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Girls We Love - Innika Choo

Tell us, what is an average day like for Innika Choo - mother, designer, Bali local….

Long before the sun pokes her nose through the curtains, a reliable wake up alarm shrills (a shriek for milk, or a cry for a cuddle, an elbow to the ribs or a full decibel, remarkable story about the mermaid and the gecko). Not much rest for the Choo’s, does that make us wicked?! Weekday mornings are a mad scramble, days are filled with almond milk coffees, emails and appointments, nuzzled in with the odd lunch (if we can manage). We try to take the kids for afternoon swims, followed by dinner, book and bath time. Then back in front of the computer, usually till around 1am. Also throw in heated life discussions with the ole fella, and the odd memorable beach weekend; and voila!

You get to work and live in Bali - what inspires you and your label living on the island?

There is a freedom of thought on this funny old island. We all escape here for whatever reason, lured by the islands mysterious draw, it’s (somewhat) healthy living, and brilliant place to bring up kids. We’ve all come from different worlds, and brought with us our own customs, views, and ways of life. Living in a global hotspot, encourages new conversations and always new perspectives. Societal norm and social expectations are diluted; and this, for me is the ultimate creative freedom.

You’ve been living out of Australia for 14 years now - what do you miss about home most.

But of course, old friends and their kids. Beach BBQ's, my mate Dan Murphy, and Tasmanian oysters. Also, KFC chips with extra salt (no where in the world does those gosh-awfully-delicious-devilish-potatoes the same way). I don’t go home enough to remember what I miss. I think I would miss it all much more, if I went back.

Everyone has their favourite spot in Bali - between Seminyak, Uluwatu and Ubud… what’s yours?

There are more beautiful, secret spots to visit here, than we even know about. Pandawa beach is our dreamy, white-sand haven. It’s a day trip (pack the pillows in the car and a full esky kind of commitment), to arrive to the bluest water, white sand and zero pollution. The beach is dotted with little warungs serving up cold drinks, fresh fruit and nasi gorengs. One of many great spots here in Indo; but for us this one’s special.

Your confidence and humour is so refreshing on social media. What helps you step outside your comfort zone?

Well, Im sure most women would resonate, Im a paradox of confidence, and uncertainty, living at my creative whim, (also, just trying to pay for my kids to go to school).

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