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Some of your fondest memories of childhood together
JAI Mum used to drive a Valiant and Dad had a 98 Bronco, we used to have a lot of fun driving around in them as kids. I remember being in the Bronco, Scout would be in her booster seat in the back seat and dad would blast music, we would ask him to play this one song in particular, it had a lot of naughty words in it and we would both sing it word for word. "I got cash, Brooklyn Funk Essentials " - We loved it. 
SCOUT Mum has forever told us a story of when we were kids. I had a habit of hissing at people when they would stop to swoon over us on the streets, Jai would jump out from behind the pram hands reached out front, palms spread wide, screaming calmly "DON'T" before they could step forward. He has and continues to always be my protector.

Things you’re looking forward to this summer
JAI Seeing some sunshine mostly, I have forgotten what it looks like!
SCOUT We are always so spoilt with summers in Australia. I have long craved kicking the sheets off and sleeping with the windows wide open. Feeling sun kissed, salty and drained from hours prior spent on our beautiful east coast beaches. The abundance of seasonal fruits, the humidity. I find that life slows down a lot to a better pace when the sun is out. Really painting a picture here...simple things about hot Australian summers...

Frame of choice
JAI I like your 'Cat Eye' in the Dune 
SCOUT 'The Oval' in Black

Star sign
JAI Gemini

Photographer Mason Rose 
Jai Stevens & Scout O'Donoghue

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