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Rest / Air

Our Crochet is knitted from 75% Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton and 25% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified recycled polyester. Crochet garments require minimal washing. Simply lay in filtered sunlight to remove odour or dust.

Occasionally wash

Gently cold hand wash separate to other garments. High temperatures can weaken the fibres and affect dyes, it is imperative the Crochet is to be hand washed in cold water. When hand washing. Flat dry in filtered sunlight.


Fold your Crochet, do not hang. This keeps Crochet in shape. 


Make a conscious effort to spot clean stains immediately. The linen fibres naturally soak and dry quickly. Spot cleaning can reduce the severity of stains. Stay clear of bleach or harsh chemicals on linen, this can affect the dye and damage the fabric. Spot dab with warm water and gentle eco detergents.

The hole detailing makes crochet so special. Be mindful of jewellery, bags and surroundings when wearing. The Crochet can be easily caught and ripped if not worn with care.  

Crochet will last a lifetime if you take the time to care for it.