You are a modern woman! Always busy and working on something creative whilst being one of the most stylish Mum's we know. What have you been working on recently?

What a compliment! I am working on a few different things at the moment but mostly just wrapping up the year. I am looking forward to diving into 2018 head first and mostly allocating more time to WILDER and taking it to it’s full potential. So watch this space!

WILDER By Anna Feller is one of our go to sites - how has/hasn't motherhood changed you?

The last 4 yrs of my life have zipped by! Time does not stand still once you have children. I often say that Banjo (Anna's 4 year old son) has been my greatest teacher. Being a Mother is the greatest gift in the world but also it can be the hardest job in the world. Some days can be so challenging and some just flow so easily - it’s all a journey and a wild learning! I feel extremely lucky to have such a beautiful, caring, loving, kind and unbelievably smart son who thinks I am the best human on the entire planet. He’s inspires me to do and be everything I am about. I guess that’s just the cycle of life. It’s pretty amazing!

You are wearing the ZZ Opulent Pant - describe your vibe today.

I love the Opulent Pant! I have been wearing these at some point every day - over bathers after evening swims or at the airport with a denim jacket. Currently I’m on a plane- feeling great! I swam this morning before my flight heading to the Gold Coast for a shoot. Todays thoughts - 'Life is abundant I feel extremely lucky to be alive'!

BANJO is your main man - what are your plans for the two of you this Summer?

Things have been a little busy since Summer kicked off so I am looking forward to some downtime with him. We are either going to spend a couple of weeks together in Hawaii, Fiji or Byron. Other then that we live right on the beach at Bondi so we are down there in the water everyday. Banjo is extremely confident in the water but is still learning to swim, this will be his Summer to conquer that I imagine... oceans swims , a couple camping trips, salty skin, home made icy poles and warm nights together! Summer is our fave.

Your fave pieces from the latest Zulu & Zephyr drop?

Glow one piece & two piece
Opulent Pant
White button up shirt & short combo
Marigold ZZ mini short & Rashie
ZZ mini Hooded towel cream