A day at The Lofft with Fashion Agent, Zee Sammartino
Working as a fashion agent can be very fast paced. Do you have any methods for staying organised?
Fashion is reactive so I always need to be on my toes. I always try to get to the office an hour early to review my diary and catch up on emails whilst having breakfast and a green tea. My journal is everything to help keep my thoughts on track between showings and most importantly, I never leave the office with unread emails in my inbox!
You’re a Melbourne born woman. How would you describe the Melbourne style?
Melbourne weather is incredibly temperamental, which gives us the luxury to be quite transeasonal with our style. Melbourne has come a long way from just being known as ‘all black everything’
What are your personal go to brands?
I’m very lucky to represent an amazing portfolio of brands that I personally resonate with and would be my go to before anything else. My portfolio consists of Zulu & Zephyr (of course!), Acler, Viktoria & Woods, Unreal Fur, Dylan Kain and new emerging talent Joslin. I always try and stick to Australian brands to support our industry.
How do you prepare yourself for a Zulu & Zephyr client showing?
Research is key, so always reviewing their previous order from comparative seasons is imperative. I’ve built some really strong relationships with my Zulu stockists so the communication during the sell is very open and transparent. Heading into their stores as much as I can really helps when we’re in the showroom together. Buyers LOVE the fact that The LOFFT take so much pride in getting out on the road and visiting stores, this helps us truly understand their aesthetic and direction.
The fashion industry can be very competitive. Any tips for people trying to build their career as a sales agent?
Don’t try and rush your career! Some we’re able to catch a lucky break while others really had to work their way through the industry. The fashion industry, particularly fashion retail and wholesale is unpredictable and anyone trying to come through the industry needs to be prepared for everything that can be thrown their way!
Working as a brand manager has so many perks and is incredibly rewarding, but there are times where you are working crazy hours and you feel like you live at the airport! Brand management takes an eagerness to learn and a hungriness to reach and exceed your own personal goals as well as the brands.
Just soak up as much knowledge, attach yourself to someone who can mentor you and challenge you and really push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Follow Zee at @zee.ola