Join us as we celebrate women we love this Mother's Day on May 12.

ALL FOR MUM on Zulu & Zephyr

Candice wears the Journey Shirt & Pant in Husk.

Candice - Most treasured family moment?

Too many! But often, its the small things. A hug. An "I Love You". A sushi train date. Surfing together.

What has Motherhood taught you?

Complete selflessness. I was a kid before I had my kids. It has taught me that we are ultimately alll the same - kids and adults have a broad range of emotions and thats ok.

Laura wears the Panama Skirt & Tee.
Feather wears the Trail Shirt.

Laura - Most treasured family moment?

There are too many to name. I love the simple things. Cooking with mum, the beach with my nan, doing DIY with my dad. A very special moment would have to be my mum and dad buying their new home, there is something very magical about their place.

What has motherhood taught you?

I have learnt a lot from my mum and my nan as I've gotten older. Anyone who knows my nan knows she is someone who lives life to the fullest. She is the dancing queen of Byron Bay who refuses to let her age slow her down. If she has taught me anything it is to be comfortable in my own skin.

Feather - What has motherhood taught you?

Patience, most importantly - and telling myself it will be alright in the end (and it was) with all 6 of them.

How do you celebrate mothers day?

In my own quiet way, no bells and whistles. It's enough for me that the kids each give me a phone call. I do treat myself to an ice cream though.

Candice wears the Journey Shirt and Pant in Husk
Karla wears the Trail Playsuit.
Viv wears the Island Slip Dress.

Karla - Most treasured family moment?

Giving birth to my two beautiful children. It took me to that next level of enlightenment and gave me a whole new perspective on the purpose of life.

How do you celebrate mothers day?

I spend the day with my kids, partner and my mum. I make sure my mum feels the love and gets spoilt and hope that my kids (a-hem, partner) do the same for me.

Lili wears the Canopy Playsuit.
Amanda wears the Treck Pants.

Lili - Most treasured family moment?

Funnily enough, Mother's Day 2016. I was living in London during this time and flew back to Australia to surprise not only my Mum, but my family and friends too. This was such a special week for me as I went from seeing them every day before I moved, to not seeing them in months - everyone was on a high.

You feel most at home with your family when?

When we're all together, including my extended. We're such a close knit family who put each other first - so when we all put in the effort and genuinely enjoy the time we spend together it makes me feel so at home, and happiest.

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